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Garage Cleaning :

Next Cleaning is TBA.

Move all vehicles to P3 (2 ramps down from the North Entry) anytime after 7 PM Friday night. All vehicles need to be returned to their stalls by 7 am Monday morning.  If you do not move your vehicle it will be covered in dust and dirt.  Vehicles still remaining on Monday or subject to parking tickets from Republic Parking and cannot be waived.


Deck Recoating Project start date is May 22nd.

Decks and patios MUST be cleared for the following projects two days prior to the start date of your stack.  

Once your deck is re-coated you may not use your deck or place items on it for 48 hours while the deck surface cures.

Work may speed up or slow down depending upon weather conditions and the number of crew on site.  Social distancing guidelines are still in play.  If you have questions or need clarifications please contact the Board. 

20-25 Addendum Implementation of Phase 1 Construction Restart 4.292020

2020 Courtyard Deck and Paint Revised Work Schedule April 28th – 2nd Correction

Safety Date Sheet Pacific Polymers – Elasto-Glaze 6001 AL-HT (VOC) MSDS


2020 Courtyard Soffit Paint and Deck Re-Coating Notice

Deck Coatings / May 22nd – June 17th

Floors 2-4.  Immediately after the soffit painting the deck coatings will begin rotating from the 01 stack around to the 19 stack.  This also will be assessed by ladder.

Window Cleaning

July 22nd and 23rd.  All unreachable windows.

Hallway Carpets –  POSTPONED

The carpet is here and ready for installation.  We are penciled in to start June 22nd.  We are anticipating one day to remove carpet and a day and 1/2 to install.  They should not have to open your unit door.

Last updated May 28, 2020

Resident Memos

Resident Deck Cleaning / Care 

2020 Deck Cleaning and Care

Summer at the Courtyard

2020 Summer at the Courtyard Memo with logo

Weep Hole Cleaning