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Building Notice:

2020 (08) Aug 23rd CYQAS Building Notice COVID 19

Roof/Gutter/4th Floor Atrium Cleaning:

Jan 2021

Resident Action:            Keep windows closed.

Note:                                We will no longer be sending out multiple                                                                reminders.  

                                          LANDLORDS it is your responsibility to NOTIFY your                                            tenant.

Volunteers Needed:       Print/Post/Place Temporary No Parking Signs.

The Temporary No Parking Zone is for his truck.

The 4th floor Atrium Window cleaning is completed with a hose from the roof so all residents should keep their windows closed on this day.

Garage Cleaning :

Next Cleaning is TBA.

Move all vehicles to P3 (2 ramps down from the North Entry) anytime after 7 PM Friday night. All vehicles need to be returned to their stalls by 7 am Monday morning.  If you do not move your vehicle it will be covered in dust and dirt.  Vehicles still remaining on Monday or subject to parking tickets from Republic Parking and cannot be waived.


Elevator Repairs TBA – The part is scheduled to here January 31st, 2021

Last updated December 27, 2020

Resident Memos

Resident Deck Cleaning / Care 

2020 Deck Cleaning and Care

Summer at the Courtyard

2020 Summer at the Courtyard Memo with logo

Weep Hole Cleaning