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Thanks for stopping by for a visit today.  This website is dedicated to the owners and residents of our community and is meant as a self service resource for living in our home. If you are new at The Courtyard we welcome you and look forward to seeing you in the neighborhood.  New residents can view our Quick Start Guide here.  CYQAS Moving Procedures 2024

Garbage, Recycling & Food Waste 

The Garbage area is located on the east end of the building in the brick enclosure.  Your building key will open the gate.

Who to contact?

  • Parking Tags, Keys, Moving, Rental Waiting List, Leases, Pet Registration – The Copeland Group
  • Maintenance, Rule Violations, Condo Refi Questionnaires, Accounting, Resale, Caliber Portal – The Copeland Group
  • Garage after hours guest parking:  CalltoPark app or http://rpnw.calltopark.com (Stay posted for changes to Reef Parking)
  • Garage Access/Parking Problems – Business Hours – Booth 
  • Garage Access/Parking Problems – After Hours Republic Parking
  • Garage Key Cards/Garage Security Footage – Steelwave, LLC
  • New Ideas, Projects, Board Approvals, Bike Registration – The Board