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Attached you will find the HOA Insurance Certificate that you may need to provide to your mortgage company.  If you need a personalized certificate please contact Kim Breem and she will provide you with a personalized document.

Greg Floyd, CIRMS
Hub International Limited
Direct 425-368-1204

If you are looking to file a claim please contact the Copeland Group.  Claims can only be opened by the manager or The Board.

All owners and renters are also required to carry a personal policy and/or a renter’s policy.  For owners this is commonly called a HO6 Policy.  Landlords should talk to their insurance agent about a policy that will cover their interests.  Proof of insurance must be provided to the Management company.

The Insurance Amendment is attached here for your reference. CYQAS Amendment 8

Property Insurance section of Amendment 8 / 21.2

Last Updated 4/26/2024