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The Courtyard at Queen Anne Square FAQ – V15

Communication to the board can be sent to to board@courtyardqas.com, or presented at the board meeting.  Garage matters are handled by Steelwave and Republic Parking.  See contact information on our website.

Bike Areas.  Use of the bike storage areas are limited to residents who are registered and a bike hook or stall will be assigned to you.  Space is limited so if there is a wait list you cannot use the bike storage areas until you receive approval from the Board.  Once you move out of the building your space will be reassigned to the next person on the waiting list.  All bikes must be registered with the board and permits will be issued which must be attached to the bike.  Any bikes found in the bike cage without a permit can be disposed by the board at the board’s convenience.

Upper Bike storage is on P1 behind the metal door between parking   stall 5  & 7.  The C2 key will open.

Lower Bike storage is on P3 in room “C”. The C2 key will open.

Building Key.  Your building key will open all exterior doors, the garbage enclosure, the cable room, the owners lounge, the gym, the garage electrical/telephone room, outside storage room K and the upper bike cage.  It includes storage inside the building in rooms E, F, G, H, I, and J.

BBQ.  The community BBQ is available for anyone to use. 

Cable.  The cable boxes are located on the first floor to the right (West) of the elevators.  Your building key will open this door.   Comcast is the only cable provider to the building, 855-390-0577.

Cones.  Parking cones are available for your use.  They are located in the Northeast corner of the garage.  If you exit the elevator lobby head straight to the left hand corner.

Dishwashers.  In May 2007 GE issued a recall notice on many of their dishwashers created between 1997 and 2001.  The majority of the dishwashers installed in our units fell into this category.  This recall was issued because there is a fire hazard associated with these units.  If you are unsure if your dishwasher has been repaired or replaced please check the GE web site.  http://www.geappliances.com/products/recall/dw07

If the unit has been repaired there should be a sticker on your inside door, next to the model number that says:  Harness has been replaced.

Doors, Other Common Doors

          Door A                   P3 West Storage Room

          Door B                   P3 Center Storage Room

          Door C                   P3 East Storage Room & Lower Bike cage

          Door D                   P1 Construction/HOA Storage

          Door E                    4th Floor Lobby / East Storage Room

          Door F                    4th Floor Lobby / West Storage Room

          Door G                   3rd floor Lobby / East Storage Room

          Door H                   3rd Floor Lobby / West Storage Room

          Door I                     2nd Floor Lobby / East Storage Room

          Door J                    2nd Floor Lobby / West Storage Room

          Door K                   1st floor outside the SW Exit / Landscape Storage Room

 Cable Room          

Board and Vendor Safes

Elevator Pads

Folding Chairs & Tables

Elevator lock Off Key

City Garbage Gate Key

No Parking Signs

Gym Wipes       

Drain Cleaner                                                 

Janitor’s Closet (Board Key Only)


Lounge Supplies

Garbage Hand Sanitizer

9 Volt Batteries

Elevator Garage Lobby/ P1:

Shopping Carts

Hand Carts (dolly)

         Community Bulletin  Board


Upper Bike Cage.   P1 Between Stalls 5 & 7

Dryers.   There is a potential fire hazard associated with the use of Dryer Sheets and the Bosch Dryers.  You are not supposed to use dryer sheets with these units.  The dryer sheets contain oils that completely block the filter.  One of the purposes of the filter is to allow heat to escape.  When the filter is blocked the heat has no where to escape to and can create a fire from overheating the unit.

Please remove your filter and place it under running water.  If the water flows completely through then there is no problem.  If the water flow is restricted or completely blocked your filter needs to be cleaned.  You can clean it with dish washing soap and a scrub sponge.  Scrub until the water flows completely through the filter.

If you insist upon using dryer sheets your filter needs to be scrubbed after EACH use of your dryer.

Dryers should be set to the time mode.  All dryers are to be turned off at 10 pm.

Electric Meters.  There are two electrical rooms in the parking Garage.  Room 1 is behind the elevators and room 2 is behind the stairwell.  Both the meters and the master shut off for your unit are located here.  Your entry key will open these doors.

Room 1 Controls: 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18 & 19 Stacks

Room 2 Controls: 01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09 & 10 Stacks

Electric Service.  The electric bill is your personal responsibility.  If you have not already set up your account please make the necessary arrangements:



Elevator pads, Elevator Lock off Key. & Door Stops.  These are located in the cable room immediately to the west of the elevators in the main lobby.  Your building key will open this room.  The pads are self-installed and you must return them to the cable room.  Please use the elevator key to lock the elevator door open on the floor you are loading or unloading.  If your key does not work use code 6836.

Garage Door.  Please note the electronic scanner knows if your vehicle is inside or outside of the gate.  When you enter you must swipe your key card over the scanner.  If the light doesn’t turn green then the system does not know you have passed through the gate.  It doesn’t matter if you use the public gate or the north gate the scanner system syncs.  If you arrive at the scanner and the scanner turns red or the gate does not lift you should go to the other side of the gate and see if the card will open the gate from the opposite side.  If the gate still does not open at that point you should call Republic.  Please be advised if the parking attendants arrive and it is a user error they will be charging you the $35 release fee.  If it really is equipment error than no charge will be issued.

You must not leave your electronic key card in your car.  This is a rule violation and is intended to prevent vehicle theft.

Garage Card Keys.  The card keys that open the garage doors are controlled by the garage property manager, Steelwave.  If you have lost your card key or it is not working please contact Steelwave at 206-270-6500 or email the Board. You can also stop by their office during business hours (Tuesday/Thursday 8 am – 5 pm).  Just go to the first floor of the business offices and turn left out of the elevator.  Turn left again down the east hallway and they are in the first office on the left, suite 106.

Please note the scanners track if you are in or out of the garage so make sure you scan each time you enter or exit the garage and you get a beep and green light.  If you forget and the card does not work you will need to go to the other scanner to correct the tracking.  If the card still does not work then contact Steelwave.  If you call Republic for emergency release and it is human error they will charge you for an after hours call.

Garage Storage Rooms: A, B & C on P2.  Bulger Key 17080D will open.

Garbage Disposals.  The garbage disposals are not original to the building and the plumbing was not upgraded to accommodate them.  The board recommends that you limit the use of this feature and install a larger horse powered unit.  Please run the water for several minutes after using the disposal to ensure the food waste is completely flushed out of the system.  Upper level units need to run the water longer to ensure it flushes through all the units below.  First floor unit owners must use an Enzyme cleaner once a month provided by the board.  You can find the cleaner in the Cable room.  Please take a bottle for use in your unit.

Garbage and Recycling.  The garbage and recycling area is located on the east end of the building in a brick enclosure on 2nd Ave West.  This area is locked and can be opened with your main building key.  You must separate your garbage from your recycling. Please dispose of any large items off site at the transfer station.  The garbage dumpsters at the CY are only able to sustain normal use.  Please do not overfill the containers.  When the lid is higher then the container we are charged for every inch over the capacity of the container.  All boxes must be broken down.  Please do not empty the glass and can recyclables late in the evening or early in the morning.  This noise just echoes into the bedroom units in the 06 stack.  The garbage is picked up Mon/Fri.  Recycling & Food Waste is picked up every Tuesday.  Food Waste is mandatory but note this is compost only, no plastic, glass, etc should go in this container.

Intercom.  At your request the board will input a phone number and name for the front door.  The phone number can be a hardwired line or a wireless number. The intercom will ring your phone and you can speak with the party at the front door.  If you wish to release the door for your guest press ‘9’ on your dial pad.  We request that you do not release the door for delivery people but instead go to the front door to greet them and escort them to your unit if necessary.  We have had individuals attempt to gain access to the building by claiming to be a delivery person.  If you have caller ID the phone number that will show is 206-284-8352.


Comcast                 Cable                                           800-391-3000

Century Link            DSL                                             206-923-8158

Wave                      High Speed Business Class DSL  206-777-6666

Ladders.  The board has tall ladders if you need to borrow for lights or painting.  You may find these in the garage electrical rooms.

Locks.  If you change the door lock to your unit door you must give a copy to the board.  Simply deposit the tagged key in the safe drop in the cable room and email the board.  Please send the board an email about keyless entry to your units.

Lounge Use.  Reservations are made by emailing the Board.  Upon confirmation you will be advised to write your unit number on the white board.  If no one is in the lounge you are welcome to use the room.

Mail/Package Delivery.  We discourage having packages delivered to the building. The mailroom is not secure and we cannot guarantee the safety of your packages.

Move In.  If you have not already moved in please schedule your move by emailing the board.  Upon confirmation you will be advised to write your unit number on the white board. Do review the move in instructions on the website.

No Parking Signs.  The HOA has no parking signs available by reservation.  You must email the board to see if they are available.  These are also self installed so you must place the signs on the sidewalk yourself with permits attached. You will need to go to the city website to create the free permit at least 3 days prior to your move/delivery date (www.seattle.gov; search: ‘temp no park’). If you are unable to do this you can contact National Barricade and they will process the permit and place signs for you for a fee.  Please see house rules.

Parking.  Your parking space is reserved for your vehicle.  If you find a vehicle parked in your spot during the garage business hours you may contact the booth for service 206-281-9643.  If you find someone has parked in your space after hours you may page the Republic Parking Manager on call at: 206-783-4144, press “0”.  Make sure your CY QAS parking tag is hanging from your rearview mirror.  Alternatively, if it is after the booth has closed you may park on the commercial level until the vehicle moves but must notify Republic Parking and the board.  Please see the website for the email to Republic Parking.

Parking Tags.  If you have lost your parking tag please contact the Board for a new one.  You should have received this with the unit keys & garage key card from the previous owner/landlord/tenant.  Your parking tag/permit should match your stall number if it does not please contact the board for a replacement.

Paint.  The board has the original paint color codes from the developer please contact a board member if you would like paint codes.

Phone Room:  The phone lines are located in the electrical rooms in the parking Garage.  Room 1 is behind the elevators and room 2 is behind the stairwell.  If you are having phone problems and the solution is not found in these rooms there is a master phone room under the business park on the east wall between the two red cages.  The entry door is found in an alcove along this wall.  There are lock boxes for access.  It is recommended that you have service during the week it case Steelwave needs to open this door.

Phone service is through Century Link 206-923-8158

Security Cameras.  Please note there are security cameras on the property. These are video only with no sound recording activated.  If you need access to the footage you should contact the board via email for arrangements.

Smoking.  Smoking is not allowed in the common areas, this includes the garage, lobbies, Hallways, Staircases, walkways and courtyard.  The board requests that you limit or eliminate smoking in the limited common areas including your decks and patios.  The smoke drifts to other decks and into units where the cigarette odor seeps into the curtains and carpeting of other unit owners.  When disposing of ashes please use a sealed bag so the ashes and odor are contained.  All butts should be picked up by the resident smoker and disposed of in a trash recyclable.  Please do not leave your butts on the property or sidewalks.

STACKS.  What is a stack?  A stack refers to all the units in a column in the building.  So you share your ‘stack’ with the units above and below you.  Units 101, 201, 301, & 401 are a single Stack.

Storage Units.  All lockers have the unit number on them.  Lobby storage rooms can be opened with your resident building key.  P3 storage lockers need a storage room key  You will need a padlock to lock your personal locker.

Unit Storage Room Location   Unit Storage Room Location
101 12(B) B P3   216 14(B) B P3
102 10(B) A P3   217 2(E) I 2ND LBY
103 11(B) A P3   218 2(M) J 2ND LBY
104 20(B) B P3   219 22(B) C P3
105 7 A P3   301 9(B) A P3
106 6 A P3   302 16(B) B P3
107 3(A) G 3RD LBY   303 8(A) A P3
108 3(G) G 3RD LBY   304 22(A) C P3
109 24(A) C P3   305 3(C_) G 3RD LBY
110 25(A) C P3   306 4 A P3
111 L-1 H 3RD LBY   307 16(A) B P3
111 L-2 H 3RD LBY   308 13(A) B P3
111 L-3 H 3RD LBY   309 14(A) B P3
111 L-4 H 3RD LBY   310 3(H) G 3RD LBY
111 L-5 SW ALC 1ST FL   311 21(B) C P3
111 L-6 C ALC P3   312 3(B) G 3RD LBY
111 L-7 B P3   313 3(E) G 3RD LBY
111 L-8 B P3   314 1 A P3
111 L-9 B P3   315 9(A) A P3
112 17(B) B P3   316 10(A) A P3
113 3 A P3   317 3(F) G 3RD LBY
114 2 A P3   318 3(D) G 3RD LBY
115 19(B) B P3   319 20(A) B P3
116 18(A) B P3   401 15(A) B P3
117 23(A) C P3   402 2(G) I 2ND LBY
118 5 A P3   403 2(B) I 2ND LBY
119 24(B) C P3   404 4(L) F 4TH LBY
201 13(B) B P3   405 4(D) E 4TH LBY
202 25(B) C P3   406 4(C_) E 4TH LBY
203 18(B) B P3   407 2(K) J 2ND LBY
204 21(A) C P3   408 11(A) A P3
205 2(H) I 2ND LBY   409 2(L) J 2ND LBY
206 2(A) I 2ND LBY   410 4(J) F 4TH LBY
207 17(A) B P3   411 19(A) B P3
208 12(A) B P3   412 4(E) E 4TH LBY
209 2(C) I 2ND LBY   413 4(G) E 4TH LBY
210 2(F) I 2ND LBY   414 4(B) E 4TH LBY
211 23(B) C P3   415 4(H) E 4TH LBY
212 2(J) J 2ND LBY   416 4(F) E 4TH LBY
213 8(B) A P3   417 4(K) F 4TH LBY
214 2(D) I 2ND LBY   418 4(A) E 4TH LBY
215 15(B) B P3   419 4(M) F 4TH LBY


To prevent strong vibrations to the units surrounding you do not have set the spin cycle on maximum.  It should only be set to 800.  Anti-Vibration pads may be required to reduce noise.

Note the washing machines are sensitive to the smallest obstruction.  Even something as small as a bobby pin can get caught in the motor and create a problem.  Please check your cloths carefully before you wash and remove any items that may cause a problem.  If you are having issues first undo the panel at the bottom of the washing machine.  There is a dial on the left.  Open this up and see if there is an obstruction.  If the washer is filled with water there is a manual drain plug here to release the water.  You will need a shallow pan and towels.

Water Shut Off:

Your unit should include a shut off valve by your water heater.  In the event you need to shut off the building water a 3 day notice is required.  Repairs should not be before 10 am and the window should be no longer than 3 hours.

In the event of a water emergency the first priority is to get the water off.  The shut off valve for the west wing is in the ceiling between parking stalls 3 & 4.  The east wing shut off valve is on the east wall between parking stalls 28 & 29.

Once the water is off please contact the board to coordinate repairs.

Last Updated Working Document January 8th 2020