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Parking and Storage



Condo residents are only entitled to park in your assigned residential parking stalls, or the residential 30-minute parking stall right outside the garage elevator lobby.

30-minute parking stall.  During the work week this stall is reserved for our vendors.   Absolutely no overnight parking is allowed in the 30-minute parking stall.  This is NOT GUEST PARKING.

Exceptions to this are:

  1. When the garage is being swept you may park on P3, the condo storage level. This is two ramps down from the North garage entrance.
  2. If you have a written agreement (email is fine) with another resident to use a stall not assigned to you. This could be a rental agreement, swap agreement or simply permission to use the stall on a temporary or long-term basis. Per the Declaration the Board must be advised of the agreement.  Any agreement automatically terminates when the associated unit in the association is sold.  Once the sale is filed with King County, the parking assignment will revert back to, Schedule “B” of the declaration.  See amendment ‘9’ for the most current version of Schedule “B”.
  3. If someone is parked in your stall without permission.  If this happens you may park on the commercial side of the garage.  You must immediately report this to the garage manager (see website for the most current contact information.) and The Board/Management.  If the public side of the garage is open, you must also advise the parking attendant.  Having proof, such as a photo, is advised and you must promptly move back to your own stall once it has been cleared.

Any time you park in a non-residential stall (AKA the commercial side) you are subject to their parking fees and fines.  All residential parking is numbered.  The residential parking is on both P1 and P2.  Your residential parking tag does not give you an exemption to park anywhere.  If you receive a parking ticket, you must pay it unless it is one of the exceptions.  The commercial side is not our property and you park at your own risk.

Reef Parking encourages residents that need to park on the commercial side to pay for hourly/daily parking using the https://reeftechnology.com/app App.  


All vehicles must display their parking permits at all times.  The parking attendants will be patrolling the garage and ticket any unauthorized vehicles.  This is also a reminder to all residents that the public side of the of garage is patrolled 24/7 and you will be ticketed if you park in the commercial area.  Reefs Parking’s office is in the east business tower, 1st floor, across from the elevator.

Your parking permit must match your parking stall number.  This was always the intent of the Board but there was a time when one of the old management companies was not paying attention and started issuing permits for stalls that do not exist.  If your parking permit does not match your parking stall, please email the board and a new parking permit will be issued.  Any parking permits ABOVE THE NUMBER 84 ARE INVALID.


Parking Rentals – The Copeland Group manages parking rentals and can let you know if any are available. If all parking spots are rented you can place a message on the garage lobby bulletin board to see if another resident is willing to rent their space.

Additional parking is available for rent from REEF Parking.


Assigned Rentals – Residents are assigned specific storage lockers in the declaration and must only use those lockers.  Do not store anything outside of the locker.

Storage Rentals – The Copeland Group manages storage rentals and can let you know what storage units are available to rent. If all storage units are rented you can place a message on the garage lobby bulletin board to see if another resident is willing to rent their storage unit.