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Please check with the Copeland Group if you have rental status questions or want to get on the rental waiting list.

Before renting please review the rental application package materials found on the Caliber Portal.

You must live in the building for 1 year before you are eligible to apply to be a rental unit.

Please remember your approval to rent is only valid while the tenant is in residence. ¬†Once the tenant vacates and/or the lease is terminated by either party your right to rent terminates. If you are not renewing with your current tenant you must contact the Copeland Group before you can seek a new tenant to find out if there is space in the rental cap. If there is a rental waitlist, you will go to the bottom of the list and will be advised when you are eligible to rent. All Landlords are required to add the HOA ‘Rental Amendment’ (CY Addenda) to all leases.

It would be prudent to remain in close contact with the board if you are considering renting your unit.

All rentals are required to be licensed and inspected by the City of Seattle per code.

Your request will not be granted more than 45 days prior to your requested date.

If you are new to being a landlord we advise you to join an organization such as RHA to guide you through the process or hire a professional rental manager.